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Apartment Compactors

Apartment waste compactors are stationary units designed for apartment or city high-rise buildings where space is at a premium and space limitations are common.

Key Features

  • Power unit (deck mounted)
  • Transition hopper
  • Access door (with interlock)
  • Extended motor life (TEFC)
  • Pressure gauge (liquid filled)

Ideal for use at:

  • Apartment and Condo Buildings
  • Multi-Story Hotels
  • Mid- and High-Rise Office Buildings

Rental Benefits

Take advantage of all the benefits leasing or renting an apartment compactor has to offer:

  • Low cost access to expensive equipment
  • No maintenance cost
  • Your choice of waste or recycling provider
  • Top-of-the-line-equipment
  • Freight and installation included
  • 100% tax deductible
  • Reduced disposal cost
  • Reduced labor cost
  • No illegal dumping
  • Controls odor
  • Less truck traffic 

Prices starting at $325 / month with container