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Commercial Compactors

Self-Contained Compactors

Handle high volumes of wet or dry mixed waste material

Stationary Compactors

Compact dry waste material and cardboard for recycling

Apartment Compactors

Designed for apartments & high rise buildings

Vertical Compactors

Ideal for space limited or lower volume applications

Indoor Compactors

Compact waste at the place where it is generated

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Rolling Compactors

Ropax Jumbo Compactors

Powerful electro-hydraulic spiked rotary drum compactor for open-air containers

Ropax Traversing Compactors

Rotary drum compactor that travels along a track to multiple container bays allowing for continuous processing

Ropax Mobile Compactors

Mobile rotary drum compactor for sites requiring multiple container locations

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Horizontal Balers

Automatic baling systems ideal for facilities with large volumes of corrugated waste

Vertical Balers

High density balers for supermarkets, distribution centers, recyclers, hotels, schools, and more

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